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New HP 15F 15-f211wm 15-f224wm 15-f233wm 15-f240ca English Keyboard With Frame 708168-001

by HP
SKU 719853-001
In stock
Original price $49.98 - Original price $49.98
Original price $49.98
$49.98 - $49.98
Current price $49.98

Description: New HP laptop black replacement keyboard. This keyboard comes with the frame. This is the version that does not have a pointer.

Compatible Part #'s: 719853-001, 749658-001, 749658-B31, 738696-001, 776778-001, PK1314D1A00, 9Z.N9HSC.601, NSK-CN6SC.

Compatible Models:
Compaq 15-S.
HP 15-G, 15-R, 15T-R000, 15T-R100, 15Z-G000, 15Z-G100, 245 A4-5000M, 250 G3, 255 G3, 256.
HP Pavilion 15-E, 15-N, 15-n013ca, 15-n020ca, 15-n030ca, 15-n033ca, 15-n034ca, 15-n048ca,
15-n060ca, 15-n084ca, 15-n213ca, 15-n220ca, 15-n230ca, 15-n233ca, 15-n239ca, 15-n241ca,
15-n250ca, 15-n267ca, 15-n274ca, 15-n284ca, 15-n288ca, 15-n040ca, 15-n041ca, 15-n067ca,
15-n080ca, 15-n088ca.

HP Pavilion 15-E 15-N 15-F 15-G 15-R.

HP 15-F018DX 15-F019DX 15-F023WM 15-F024WM 15-F033WM 15-F059WM 15-F085WM 15-F097NR 15-F098NR 15-F039WM 15-f211wm 15-f224wm 15-f233wm 15-f240ca 15-f247nr 15-f271wm 15-f272wm 15-f278nr 15-F305DX 15-F337NR 15-F355NR 15-F337WM 15-F387WM

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