Genuine AC Adapters, Genuine Batteries and LCD Screens have a 1 year warranty against defects from the day your order is received.

Compatible Adapters have a 6 month warranty against defects from the day your order is received.

All other parts have a 90 day warranty from date received.

LCD Screens - Dead Pixel Policy: Max of 1 to 5 dead pixels (as per ISO Norms). Lcd screens are manufactured under ISO 13406-2 and ISO 9241 Class 1 standards, meaning they are not considered defective unless they have multiple pixel issues. Running this video full screen overnight has a good chance of fixing a few dead pixels.

Limited to 2 replacements within the warranty period. 

Please contact us immediately if there is anything wrong with the part that you ordered. Please provide as much information as you can when contacting us so that we can take care of the problem immediately. 

Updated May 25 2020

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