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New Acer Aspire E1-510 E1-510P E1-521 V104702AS3 US English Keyboard

by Acer
SKU V104702AS3
In stock
Original price $49.98 - Original price $49.98
Original price $49.98
$49.98 - $49.98
Current price $49.98

******************************************* IMPORTANT **************************************************
This Series has 2 different Keyboards. See also KB.I170A.230. Please compare your
keyboard to the pictures of both keyboards to validate the keyboard you need.
( layout, back ribbon-cable, screw pins on back )
*************************************** BEFORE ORDERING ******************************************

Description: New original Acer laptop replacement keyboard with ribbon cable. This genuine part is brand new and is used to replace your worn or damaged notebook keyboard. It is best to replace the whole keyboard rather than to try and repair missing keys.

Part #'s: KB.I170A.172, KBI170A172, V104730DS3 UI, 90.4HV07.S1D, 904HV07S1D, V104702AS3, PK130C91100, KB.I170A.056, KB.I170G.187, KB.I170G.197, KB.L170A.172, KBI1703083, MP-09B23U4, MP-09B23U4-6983, PK130C93A00, PK130C94A00, SG-52504-XUA, SN7105A, V104702AS3 UI, PK130C87A00, pk130c82000

Compatible Models:
Acer Aspire Series: 5251, 5252, 5336, 5551, 5552, 5553G, 5625, 5625, 5625G, 5736, 5736G, 5741 (G/Z/ZG), 5742, 5742G, 5742Z, 5742ZG, 5745, 5745G, 5745PG, 5820 (G/T/TZ/TZG), 7551, 7552, 7552G, 7741, 7745, 7745G, 7745Z, 7751, 7751G, 7739Z, 7739ZG, 7739 5250 5253 5338 5410 5536 5536G 5538 5538G 5542 5542G 5551G 5552G 5553 5625G 5733 5733Z 5736G 5738 5738DG 5738DGZ 5738G 5738PG 5738PZG 5738Z 5738ZG 5740 5740D 5740DG 5740G 5745DG 5745P 5745Z 5810 5810T 5810TZ 5810TZG 5820 5820G 5820T 5820TG 5820TZ 5820TZG 7535 7535G 7540 7540G 7551G 7715G 7715 7735 7735G 7735Z 7735ZG 7736 7736G 7736Z 7736ZG 7738 7738G 7739 7739G 7739Z 7739ZG 7740 7740G 7741G 7741Z 7741ZG 7750 7750G 7750Z 8935G 8940G 8942G.

Acer Aspire E1-510, E1-510P, E1-521, E1-531, E1-531G, E1-571, E1-571G.

eMachines Series: E440, E640, E640G, E730, E730G, G640, G640G, G730, G730G

Gateway Series: NV50A, NV51B, NV53A, NV55C, NV59C, NV73A, NEW95, PEW91, NEW90, MS2291, NV77H, NV79C, ID59, ID79C

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