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Genuine Gateway 4400MAH 11.1V 6 Cell Laptop Battery W35052LB-SY 2524264 6506125R -

Genuine Acer Gateway M-6803m M-6804m M-6808m M-6815 M-6816 M-6817 Battery 58Wh

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New Genuine Acer Battery.

Features and Technical Specifications:

Number of Cells: 6 
Capacity: 58Wh
Voltage: 11.1V
Colour: Black

Compatible Part #'s:  2524264 6501117 6501147 6501164 6501165 6501166 6501167 6501168 6501169 6501171 6501182 916C6810F 935C/T2090F 935C2150F B1865010G00004 B1865010G00006 DAK100440-010144L DAK100440-010802L DAK100520-010102L W35052LB W35052LB-SY W35078LD W35044LB W35044LB-SP W35044LB-SP1 W35044LB-SY 3UR18650F-2-ARM 3UR18650-2-T0036 3UR18650-2-T0037 6506124R 6506125R 6506126R 916C6940F DAK100440-011107L DAK100440-011805

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