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Asus P43 P43E P43SJ US English Keyboard V118662AS1 - - 1

Asus P43 P43E P43SJ US English Keyboard V118662AS1

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* * * IMPORTANT * * *: Please carefully examine our image(s) to confirm that you are ordering the correct part.

Description: New Asus laptop replacement keyboard.

Part #'s: 04GN0N1KUS00-1, 70-N5C1K1000, 0KN0-J91US01, MP-10A83US65282, PK130J02A00, V118602AS1, V118662AS1.

Compatible Models: 

Asus A Series A42, A42D, A42DE, A42DQ, A42DR, A42DY, A42F, A42J, A42N, A83S.
Asus B series B43J.
ASUS K Series K42, K42D, K42F, K42J, K42JB, K42JE, K42JK, K42JP, K42JR, K43, K43B, K43E, K43J, K43S, K43TA, K43TK, K43U. 
ASUS N Series N43, N43J, N43JM, N43S, N43SL, N43SN, N43T, N82, N82J, N82JG, N82JQ, N82JV.
ASUS P series P42F, P42J, P42JC, P43, P43E, P43SJ.
ASUS U Series U30, UL30, UL30A, UL30V, UL30VT, UL80, UL80A, UL80AG, UL80JT, UL80V.
ASUS X Series X42, X43, X43J, X43S, X44, X44C, X44H.

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