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New Genuine Toshiba Tecra A50 Battery PA5109U-1BRS 6 Cell -

New Genuine Toshiba Tecra A50 Battery PA5109U-1BRS 6 Cell

$89.99 $99.99
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  • Capacity: 10.8V ≈ 48Wh
  • No. of Battery Cell: 6 Cell
  • Dimension & Weight: 8.2 x 2 x 0.8; 11.8 oz
  • Compatible part numbers: PA5023U-1BRS,  PA5025U-1BRS, PA5026U-1BRS, PABAS259, PABAS260, PABAS261, PABAS262
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro C40/C40D/C50/C50D/C55/C70/C70A/C70D/L70/L70D series laptops, and Tecra A50
  • Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T642/WTMGW,
    Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T752 Series
    Dynabook Qosmio T752, Dynabook Qosmio T752/T4F,
    Dynabook Qosmio T752/T8F Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T852 Series
    Dynabook Qosmio T852, Dynabook Qosmio T852/8F Toshiba Dynabook Satellite B352 Series
    Dynabook Satellite B352, Dynabook Satellite B352/W2CF,
    Dynabook Satellite B352/W2CG, Dynabook Satellite B352/W2JF,
    Dynabook Satellite B352/W2JG, Dynabook Satellite B352/W2MF,
    Dynabook Satellite B352/W2MG, Dynabook Satellite B352/W2MGW Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T572 Series
    Dynabook Satellite T572, Dynabook Satellite T572/W2MF,
    Dynabook Satellite T572/W3MG, Dynabook Satellite T572/W3TF,
    Dynabook Satellite T572/W4TG Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T652 Series
    Dynabook Satellite T652, Dynabook Satellite T652/W4UGB,
    Dynabook Satellite T652/W4VGB, Dynabook Satellite T652/W5UFB,
    Dynabook Satellite T652/W5UGB, Dynabook Satellite T652/W5VFB,
    Dynabook Satellite T652/W6VGB Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T752 Series
    Dynabook Satellite T752, Dynabook Satellite T752/WTCFB,
    Dynabook Satellite T752/WTTFB, Dynabook Satellite T752/WVTGB Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T772 Series
    Dynabook Satellite T772, Dynabook Satellite T772/W4TG,
    Dynabook Satellite T772/W5TF, Dynabook Satellite T772/W5TG,
    Dynabook Satellite T772/W6TG Toshiba Dynabook T552 Series
    Dynabook T552, Dynabook T552/36F, Dynabook T552/47F,
    Dynabook T552/58F
    Toshiba Satellite C50 Series
    Satellite C50-ABT2N11, Satellite C50-ABT2N12, Satellite C50-ASMBNX1,
    Satellite C50-ASMBNX2, Satellite C50-ASMBNX3, Satellite C50-AST2NX1,
    Satellite C50-AST2NX2, Satellite C50-AST2NX3, Satellite C50D-ABT2N11,
    Satellite C50D-AST2NX1 Toshiba Satellite C800 Series
    Satellite C800, Satellite C800D Toshiba Satellite C805 Series
    Satellite C805, Satellite C805-C10B, Satellite C805-T01B,
    Satellite C805-T03B, Satellite C805-T06B, Satellite C805-T07B,
    Satellite C805-T23R, Satellite C805D, Satellite C805D-T08B,
    Satellite C805D-T09B Toshiba Satellite C840 Series
    Satellite C840, Satellite C840D Toshiba Satellite C845 Series
    Satellite C845, Satellite C845-S4230, Satellite C845D Toshiba Satellite C850 Series
    Satellite C850, Satellite C850-058, Satellite C850-05C,
    Satellite C850-08F, Satellite C850-08G, Satellite C850-08J,
    Satellite C850-101, Satellite C850-108, Satellite C850-10C,
    Satellite C850-10F, Satellite C850-119, Satellite C850-11C,
    Satellite C850-11V, Satellite C850-12M, Satellite C850-12V,
    Satellite C850-131, Satellite C850-132, Satellite C850-13C,
    Satellite C850-13D, Satellite C850-13E, Satellite C850-13X,
    Satellite C850-161, Satellite C850-168, Satellite C850-175,
    Satellite C850-19D, Satellite C850-19Z, Satellite C850-1C0,
    Satellite C850-1C1, Satellite C850-1C2, Satellite C850-1C4,
    Satellite C850-1C9, Satellite C850-1D2, Satellite C850-ST2N01,
    Satellite C850-ST2N02, Satellite C850-ST2N03, Satellite C850-ST2NX1,
    Satellite C850-ST2NX2, Satellite C850-ST2NX3, Satellite C850-ST3N01,
    Satellite C850-ST3N02, Satellite C850-ST3N03, Satellite C850-ST3NX1,
    Satellite C850-ST3NX2, Satellite C850-ST3NX3, Satellite C850-T03B,
    Satellite C850-T05B, Satellite C850/00M, Satellite C850/02D,
    Satellite C850/04G, Satellite C850/04Q, Satellite C850/05D,
    Satellite C850/05E, Satellite C850/073, Satellite C850/074,
    Satellite C850/08K, Satellite C850/09V, Satellite C850/0F3,
    Satellite C850D, Satellite C850D-008, Satellite C850D-011,
    Satellite C850D-01J, Satellite C850D-100, Satellite C850D-107,
    Satellite C850D-109, Satellite C850D-10T, Satellite C850D-11Q,
    Satellite C850D-ST3N01, Satellite C850D-ST3NX1, Satellite C850D-T11B,
    Satellite C850D/00X, Satellite C850D/010, Satellite C850D/01X Toshiba Satellite C855 Series
    Satellite C855, Satellite C855-10G, Satellite C855-10K,
    Satellite C855-10M, Satellite C855-10T, Satellite C855-10X,
    Satellite C855-10Z, Satellite C855-111, Satellite C855-11F,
    Satellite C855-11G, Satellite C855-97, Satellite C855-98,
    Satellite C855-99, Satellite C855-9C, Satellite C855-9F,
    Satellite C855-9G, Satellite C855-9R, Satellite C855-13F,
    Satellite C855-13T, Satellite C855-14R, Satellite C855-14T,
    Satellite C855-14U, Satellite C855-15Q, Satellite C855-15U,
    Satellite C855-16M, Satellite C855-177, Satellite C855-17C,
    Satellite C855-17M, Satellite C855-17N, Satellite C855-17Q,
    Satellite C855-17R, Satellite C855-17T, Satellite C855-17X,
    Satellite C855-17Z, Satellite C855-18J, Satellite C855-18L,
    Satellite C855-18N, Satellite C855-18P, Satellite C855-18R,
    Satellite C855-18U, Satellite C855-18V, Satellite C855-18Z,
    Satellite C855-190, Satellite C855-192, Satellite C855-1E7,
    Satellite C855-1EE, Satellite C855-1EF, Satellite C855-1GN,
    Satellite C855-1GP, Satellite C855-1GQ, Satellite C855-1GR,
    Satellite C855-1H8, Satellite C855-1HK, Satellite C855-1HL,
    Satellite C855-1HM, Satellite C855-1J0, Satellite C855-1J1,
    Satellite C855-1J2, Satellite C855-1M1, Satellite C855-1MD,
    Satellite C855-1ME, Satellite C855-1RL, Satellite C855-1RM,
    Satellite C855-1RN, Satellite C855-1RP, Satellite C855-1RT,
    Satellite C855-1RU, Satellite C855-1RV, Satellite C855-1RX,
    Satellite C855-1TC, Satellite C855-1TD, Satellite C855-1TE,
    Satellite C855-1TF, Satellite C855-1TV, Satellite C855-1VN,
    Satellite C855-1VT, Satellite C855-1W3, Satellite C855-1W4,
    Satellite C855-1W7, Satellite C855-1W9, Satellite C855-1WC,
    Satellite C855-1WM, Satellite C855-1WP, Satellite C855-1WQ,
    Satellite C855-1WR, Satellite C855-1WT, Satellite C855-1WU,
    Satellite C855-S5206, Satellite C855-S5214, Satellite C855-S5231,
    Satellite C855-S5233, Satellite C855-S5234, Satellite C855-S5236,
    Satellite C855-S5239, Satellite C855-S5239P, Satellite C855-S5241,
    Satellite C855-S5245, Satellite C855-S5247, Satellite C855-S5306,
    Satellite C855-S5308, Satellite C855-S5343, Satellite C855-S5345,
    Satellite C855-S5346, Satellite C855-S5347, Satellite C855-S5348,
    Satellite C855-S5349, Satellite C855-S5349N, Satellite C855-S5350,
    Satellite C855-S5350N, Satellite C855-S5352, Satellite C855-S5355,
    Satellite C855-S5356, Satellite C855-S5358, Satellite C855D,
    Satellite C855D-102, Satellite C855D-137, Satellite C855D-S5202,
    Satellite C855D-S5203, Satellite C855D-S5205, Satellite C855D-S5209,
    Satellite C855D-S5229, Satellite C855D-S5230, Satellite C855D-S5235,
    Satellite C855D-S5237, Satellite C855D-S5238, Satellite C855D-S5302,
    Satellite C855D-S5303, Satellite C855D-S5315, Satellite C855D-S5320,
    Satellite C855D-S5339, Satellite C855D-S5340, Satellite C855D-S5351,
    Satellite C855D-S5353, Satellite C855D-S5354, Satellite C855D-S5357,
    Satellite C855D-S5359, Satellite C855D-STN02 Toshiba Satellite C870 Series
    Satellite C870, Satellite C870-10L, Satellite C870-10N,
    Satellite C870-10R, Satellite C870-11F, Satellite C870-11G,
    Satellite C870-11H, Satellite C870-11J, Satellite C870-121,
    Satellite C870-123, Satellite C870-12P, Satellite C870-134,
    Satellite C870-13D, Satellite C870-142, Satellite C870-143,
    Satellite C870-14V, Satellite C870-155, Satellite C870-156,
    Satellite C870-17D, Satellite C870-17F, Satellite C870-18V,
    Satellite C870-198, Satellite C870-ST2N01, Satellite C870-ST2N02,
    Satellite C870-ST2N03, Satellite C870-ST3NX1, Satellite C870-ST3NX2,
    Satellite C870-ST3NX3, Satellite C870D, Satellite C870D-00H,
    Satellite C870D-00M, Satellite C870D-105, Satellite C870D-11K Toshiba Satellite C875 Series
    Satellite C875, Satellite C875-130, Satellite C875-S7205,
    Satellite C875-S7228, Satellite C875-S7303, Satellite C875-S7304,
    Satellite C875-S7340, Satellite C875D, Satellite C875D-S7220,
    Satellite C875D-S7223, Satellite C875D-S7225, Satellite C875D-S7345
    Toshiba Satellite L70 Series
    Satellite L70-AST2NX2, Satellite L70-AST2NX3 Toshiba Satellite L800 Series
    Satellite L800, Satellite L800-C07B, Satellite L800-C08W,
    Satellite L800-C09B, Satellite L800D Toshiba Satellite L805 Series
    Satellite L805, Satellite L805D Toshiba Satellite L830 Series
    Satellite L830, Satellite L830-10F, Satellite L830-10P,
    Satellite L830-10V, Satellite L830-10X, Satellite L830-10Z,
    Satellite L830-114, Satellite L830-118, Satellite L830-123,
    Satellite L830-138, Satellite L830-139, Satellite L830-144,
    Satellite L830-145, Satellite L830-T01R, Satellite L830-T01W,
    Satellite L830-T02R, Satellite L830-T02W, Satellite L830/001,
    Satellite L830/01P, Satellite L830/022, Satellite L830D Toshiba Satellite L835 Series
    Satellite L835, Satellite L835D Toshiba Satellite L840 Series
    Satellite L840, Satellite L840-00U, Satellite L840-026,
    Satellite L840-ST2N01, Satellite L840-ST3NX1, Satellite L840/007,
    Satellite L840/027, Satellite L840/03R, Satellite L840/03S,
    Satellite L840/04E, Satellite L840D, Satellite L840D-ST2N01 Toshiba Satellite L845 Series
    Satellite L845, Satellite L845-S4240, Satellite L845D Toshiba Satellite L850 Series
    Satellite L850, Satellite L850-00F, Satellite L850-00G,
    Satellite L850-01X, Satellite L850-022, Satellite L850-11Q,
    Satellite L850-12U, Satellite L850-139, Satellite L850-13D,
    Satellite L850-14K, Satellite L850-153, Satellite L850-15Z,
    Satellite L850-161, Satellite L850-162, Satellite L850-166,
    Satellite L850-167, Satellite L850-168, Satellite L850-169,
    Satellite L850-16C, Satellite L850-17Z, Satellite L850-199,
    Satellite L850-19C, Satellite L850-19D, Satellite L850-19E,
    Satellite L850-1C9, Satellite L850-1CC, Satellite L850-1D4,
    Satellite L850-1D5, Satellite L850-1EK, Satellite L850-ST2N01,
    Satellite L850-ST2N02, Satellite L850-ST2NX1, Satellite L850-ST3N01,
    Satellite L850-ST3N02, Satellite L850-ST3NX1, Satellite L850-ST3NX2,
    Satellite L850-T01B, Satellite L850-T01R, Satellite L850-T02B,
    Satellite L850/00P, Satellite L850/00Q, Satellite L850/00R,
    Satellite L850/01R, Satellite L850/03D, Satellite L850/03S,
    Satellite L850/046, Satellite L850/092, Satellite L850/0C8,
    Satellite L850/0C9, Satellite L850/0CC, Satellite L850/0D1,
    Satellite L850D, Satellite L850D-00J, Satellite L850D-00M,
    Satellite L850D-102, Satellite L850D-10V, Satellite L850D-117,
    Satellite L850D-11N, Satellite L850D-11P, Satellite L850D-ST2NX1,
    Satellite L850D-ST3NX1, Satellite L850D/002, Satellite L850D/003 Toshiba Satellite L855 Series
    Satellite L855, Satellite L855-01Y, Satellite L855-10P,
    Satellite L855-10T, Satellite L855-10U, Satellite L855-10W,
    Satellite L855-118, Satellite L855-11C, Satellite L855-11F,
    Satellite L855-11P, Satellite L855-11T, Satellite L855-9G,
    Satellite L855-135, Satellite L855-136, Satellite L855-148,
    Satellite L855-149, Satellite L855-14C, Satellite L855-14Q,
    Satellite L855-14R, Satellite L855-14U, Satellite L855-S5210,
    Satellite L855-S5240, Satellite L855-S5243, Satellite L855-S5244,
    Satellite L855-S5255, Satellite L855-S5309, Satellite L855-S5366,
    Satellite L855-S5368, Satellite L855-S5371, Satellite L855-S5372,
    Satellite L855-S5375, Satellite L855-T01M, Satellite L855D,
    Satellite L855D-00P, Satellite L855D-100, Satellite L855D-S5220,
    Satellite L855D-S5242 Toshiba Satellite L870 Series
    Satellite L870, Satellite L870-111, Satellite L870-11J,
    Satellite L870-136, Satellite L870-13V, Satellite L870-14X,
    Satellite L870-169, Satellite L870-ST2N01, Satellite L870-ST2N02,
    Satellite L870-ST2NX1, Satellite L870-ST3NX1, Satellite L870-ST3NX2,
    Satellite L870-ST3NX3, Satellite L870D, Satellite L870D-ST2NX1,
    Satellite L870D-ST3NX1 Toshiba Satellite L875 Series
    Satellite L875, Satellite L875-10E, Satellite L875-10G,
    Satellite L875-10V, Satellite L875-116, Satellite L875-93,
    Satellite L875-94, Satellite L875-9P, Satellite L875-S7208,
    Satellite L875-S7209, Satellite L875-S7243, Satellite L875-S7245,
    Satellite L875-S7308, Satellite L875-S7377, Satellite L875D,
    Satellite L875D-103, Satellite L875D-S7230, Satellite L875D-S7232,
    Satellite L875D-S7332, Satellite L875D-S7342, Satellite L875D-S7343 Toshiba Satellite M800 Series
    Satellite M800, Satellite M800-T01W, Satellite M800-T02B,
    Satellite M800-T03B, Satellite M800-T03R, Satellite M800-T03W,
    Satellite M800D Toshiba Satellite M801 Series
    Satellite M801, Satellite M801D Toshiba Satellite M805 Series
    Satellite M805, Satellite M805-T01C, Satellite M805-T02T,
    Satellite M805-T03C, Satellite M805-T03P, Satellite M805-T03T,
    Satellite M805D Toshiba Satellite M840 Series
    Satellite M840, Satellite M840D Toshiba Satellite M845 Series
    Satellite M845, Satellite M845D Toshiba Satellite P800 Series
    Satellite P800, Satellite P800-T02S, Satellite P800D Toshiba Satellite P840 Series
    Satellite P840, Satellite P840-ST2N01, Satellite P840D Toshiba Satellite P845 Series
    Satellite P845, Satellite P845-S4200, Satellite P845D,
    Satellite P845T-S4310 Toshiba Satellite P850 Series
    Satellite P850, Satellite P850 3D, Satellite P850-12X,
    Satellite P850-12Z, Satellite P850-131, Satellite P850-132,
    Satellite P850-133, Satellite P850-138, Satellite P850-13C,
    Satellite P850-304, Satellite P850-30V, Satellite P850-31L,
    Satellite P850-321, Satellite P850-ST2GX2, Satellite P850-ST2N02,
    Satellite P850-ST2N03, Satellite P850/02C, Satellite P850/030,
    Satellite P850/040, Satellite P850/04P, Satellite P850/05F,
    Satellite P850D Toshiba Satellite P855 Series
    Satellite P855, Satellite P855-102, Satellite P855-107,
    Satellite P855-109, Satellite P855-30H, Satellite P855-S5200,
    Satellite P855-S5312, Satellite P855D Toshiba Satellite P870 Series
    Satellite P870, Satellite P870-10G, Satellite P870-11H,
    Satellite P870-11J, Satellite P870-11M, Satellite P870-ST2GX2,
    Satellite P870/023, Satellite P870/027, Satellite P870D Toshiba Satellite P875 Series
    Satellite P875, Satellite P875-300, Satellite P875-305,
    Satellite P875-30E, Satellite P875-S7200, Satellite P875-S7310,
    Satellite P875D Toshiba Satellite Pro C800 Series
    Satellite Pro C800, Satellite Pro C800-K02B, Satellite Pro C800-K03B,
    Satellite Pro C800-K06B, Satellite Pro C800D, Satellite Pro C800D-K05B Toshiba Satellite Pro C805 Series
    Satellite Pro C805, Satellite Pro C805D Toshiba Satellite Pro C840 Series
    Satellite Pro C840, Satellite Pro C840D Toshiba Satellite Pro C845 Series
    Satellite Pro C845, Satellite Pro C845D Toshiba Satellite Pro C850 Series
    Satellite Pro C850, Satellite Pro C850-00W, Satellite Pro C850-00X,
    Satellite Pro C850-018, Satellite Pro C850-10N, Satellite Pro C850-10R,
    Satellite Pro C850-10T, Satellite Pro C850-10U, Satellite Pro C850-10V,
    Satellite Pro C850-10W, Satellite Pro C850-10X, Satellite Pro C850-10Z,
    Satellite Pro C850-111, Satellite Pro C850-113, Satellite Pro C850-116,
    Satellite Pro C850-11N, Satellite Pro C850-12Z, Satellite Pro C850-14C,
    Satellite Pro C850-14D, Satellite Pro C850-15N, Satellite Pro C850-15Q,
    Satellite Pro C850-15T, Satellite Pro C850-15V, Satellite Pro C850-172,
    Satellite Pro C850-173, Satellite Pro C850-1C3, Satellite Pro C850-1CW,
    Satellite Pro C850-1EQ, Satellite Pro C850-1ER, Satellite Pro C850-1FJ,
    Satellite Pro C850-1FN, Satellite Pro C850D Toshiba Satellite Pro C855 Series
    Satellite Pro C855, Satellite Pro C855D Toshiba Satellite Pro C870 Series
    Satellite Pro C870, Satellite Pro C870-006, Satellite Pro C870-008,
    Satellite Pro C870-11R, Satellite Pro C870D Toshiba Satellite Pro C875 Series
    Satellite Pro C875, Satellite Pro C875D Toshiba Satellite Pro L800 Series
    Satellite Pro L800, Satellite Pro L800D Toshiba Satellite Pro L805 Series
    Satellite Pro L805, Satellite Pro L805D Toshiba Satellite Pro L830 Series
    Satellite Pro L830, Satellite Pro L830-104, Satellite Pro L830-10G,
    Satellite Pro L830-10H, Satellite Pro L830-10J, Satellite Pro L830-113,
    Satellite Pro L830-11D, Satellite Pro L830-11G, Satellite Pro L830-13E,
    Satellite Pro L830-13R, Satellite Pro L830D Toshiba Satellite Pro L835 Series
    Satellite Pro L835, Satellite Pro L835D Toshiba Satellite Pro L840 Series
    Satellite Pro L840, Satellite Pro L840D Toshiba Satellite Pro L845 Series
    Satellite Pro L845, Satellite Pro L845D Toshiba Satellite Pro L850 Series
    Satellite Pro L850, Satellite Pro L850-110, Satellite Pro L850-112,
    Satellite Pro L850-11R, Satellite Pro L850-11T, Satellite Pro L850-11U,
    Satellite Pro L850-11V, Satellite Pro L850-11W, Satellite Pro L850-11X,
    Satellite Pro L850-13F, Satellite Pro L850-1C4, Satellite Pro L850-1DN,
    Satellite Pro L850-1DP, Satellite Pro L850-1DQ, Satellite Pro L850-1DR,
    Satellite Pro L850-1DT, Satellite Pro L850-1DV, Satellite Pro L850-1DW,
    Satellite Pro L850-1DZ, Satellite Pro L850-1EF, Satellite Pro L850-1EQ,
    Satellite Pro L850-1ER, Satellite Pro L850-1G8, Satellite Pro L850-1G9,
    Satellite Pro L850-1KM, Satellite Pro L850-1L4, Satellite Pro L850-1MH,
    Satellite Pro L850-1MJ, Satellite Pro L850D Toshiba Satellite Pro L855 Series
    Satellite Pro L855, Satellite Pro L855D Toshiba Satellite Pro L870 Series
    Satellite Pro L870, Satellite Pro L870-122, Satellite Pro L870-124,
    Satellite Pro L870-127, Satellite Pro L870-12W, Satellite Pro L870-130,
    Satellite Pro L870-13U, Satellite Pro L870-149, Satellite Pro L870-171,
    Satellite Pro L870-172, Satellite Pro L870D Toshiba Satellite Pro L875 Series
    Satellite Pro L875, Satellite Pro L875D Toshiba Satellite Pro M800 Series
    Satellite Pro M800, Satellite Pro M800D Toshiba Satellite Pro M801 Series
    Satellite Pro M801, Satellite Pro M801D Toshiba Satellite Pro M805 Series
    Satellite Pro M805, Satellite Pro M805D Toshiba Satellite Pro M840 Series
    Satellite Pro M840, Satellite Pro M840D Toshiba Satellite Pro M845 Series
    Satellite Pro M845, Satellite Pro M845D Toshiba Satellite Pro P800 Series
    Satellite Pro P800, Satellite Pro P800D Toshiba Satellite Pro P840 Series
    Satellite Pro P840, Satellite Pro P840D Toshiba Satellite Pro P845 Series
    Satellite Pro P845, Satellite Pro P845D Toshiba Satellite Pro P850 Series
    Satellite Pro P850, Satellite Pro P850D Toshiba Satellite Pro P855 Series
    Satellite Pro P855, Satellite Pro P855D Toshiba Satellite Pro P870 Series
    Satellite Pro P870, Satellite Pro P870D Toshiba Satellite Pro P875 Series
    Satellite Pro P875, Satellite Pro P875D Toshiba Satellite Pro S800 Series
    Satellite Pro S800, Satellite Pro S800D Toshiba Satellite Pro S840 Series
    Satellite Pro S840, Satellite Pro S840D Toshiba Satellite Pro S845 Series
    Satellite Pro S845, Satellite Pro S845D Toshiba Satellite Pro S850 Series
    Satellite Pro S850, Satellite Pro S850-003, Satellite Pro S850-004,
    Satellite Pro S850D Toshiba Satellite Pro S855 Series
    Satellite Pro S855, Satellite Pro S855D Toshiba Satellite Pro S870 Series
    Satellite Pro S870, Satellite Pro S870D Toshiba Satellite Pro S875 Series
    Satellite Pro S875, Satellite Pro S875D Toshiba Satellite R945 Series
    Satellite R945, Satellite R945-P440 Toshiba Satellite S800 Series
    Satellite S800, Satellite S800D Toshiba Satellite S840 Series
    Satellite S840, Satellite S840D Toshiba Satellite S845 Series
    Satellite S845, Satellite S845D Toshiba Satellite S850 Series
    Satellite S850, Satellite S850D Toshiba Satellite S855 Series
    Satellite S855, Satellite S855-01L, Satellite S855-043,
    Satellite S855-045, Satellite S855-050, Satellite S855-S5251,
    Satellite S855-S5254, Satellite S855-S5260, Satellite S855-S5264,
    Satellite S855-S5265, Satellite S855-S5266, Satellite S855-S5267,
    Satellite S855-S5268, Satellite S855-S5290P, Satellite S855-S5369,
    Satellite S855-S5377N, Satellite S855-S5378, Satellite S855-S5379,
    Satellite S855-S5380, Satellite S855-S5381, Satellite S855-S5382,
    Satellite S855-S5384, Satellite S855-S5386, Satellite S855D,
    Satellite S855D-S5253, Satellite S855D-S5256 Toshiba Satellite S870 Series
    Satellite S870, Satellite S870D Toshiba Satellite S875 Series
    Satellite S875, Satellite S875-004, Satellite S875-013,
    Satellite S875-03R, Satellite S875-S7240, Satellite S875-S7242,
    Satellite S875-S7248, Satellite S875-S7356, Satellite S875-S7370,
    Satellite S875-S7376, Satellite S875D, Satellite S875D-S7239,
    Satellite S875D-S7350

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