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📞 Text us at 613-704-4708 Email us

New Genuine Asus ADP-150NB D AC Adapter Charger 19.5V 7.7A 150W 5.5*2.5mm

by Asus
Incoming ETA 7 to 10 Days
Original price $89.98 - Original price $89.98
Original price $89.98
$89.98 - $89.98
Current price $89.98

Includes power cord.


Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz

Output: 19.5V – 7.7A 150W

Connector Tip: 5.5 * 2.5mm

Colour: Black


Compatible Part #'s: A17-150P1A, 90-XB06N0PW00040Y, 04G266009901, 04G266009902, 04G266009903, 04G266009904

Compatible Models:

ASUS N50 series: N50Vc, N50Vn

ASUS N51 series: N51Tp, N51Vf, N51Vg, N76VZ N56DP N76VJ N76Vz-DS71, N56VZ N56DP-DH11 N76Vj N76Vz, N61Vn N56VM-AB71/TB71 N56VZ-ES71/DS71 N56vj-dh71,N55SL-ES71 N56VJ N56VJ-DH71 N56VJ-WH71 N56VM, N56VJ-DH71 N56VJ-WH71 N56DP-DH11,N55SF N46 N46V N46VM N56 N56VZ N56VM N76 N76VZ N76VM

ASUS N70 series: N70Sv

ASUS N80 series: N80Vc, N80Vn

ASUS N81 series: N81Vg N81Vp

ASUS M50SA M50SV M50SR M50VC M50VN M50VM M50VT series

ASUS M50 series

ASUS Pro 50M 50N 50R 50Z series

Asus M70 M70L series

Asus X70 X71 M70SL X71A X71Q X71Sr X71Tl X71Vn series

ASUS X57 X57Sa X57Sr X57Sv X57Vc X57Vm X57Vn Series

ASUS X55 X55S X55Sa X55Sr X55Sv Series

ASUS X70E X70F X70Kr X70L X70Se X70Sr X70Z Series

ASUS G50 series: G50 G50V G50Vt G50VT-X1 G50VT-X5 G51Vx G53J, G53JW, G53S, G53SW, G53SX,

ASUS G60 series: G60J, G60JX, G60V, G60VX,

ASUS G70 series: G70 G70G G71 G71G, G71GX, G71V, G72G, G72GX, G72Gx-A1, G72JW, G73, G73J, G73JH, G73JW, G73S, G73SW, G74S, G74SC, G74SX.

ASUS M70 series: M70Sa, M70Sr, M70T, M70Vm, M70Vn, M70Vr

ASUS X71 series: X71A, X71Q X71SL X71Tp, X71Vn

ASUS Lamborghini VX7, VX7S, VX7SX, VX7X.

 ROG Strix GL703