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📞 Text us at 613-704-4708 Email us

New Genuine Gateway Lcd Monitor 40W AC Adapter Power Cord

by Acer
SKU AP.04401.001
Incoming ETA 7 to 10 Days
Original price $54.99 - Original price $54.99
Original price $54.99
$54.99 - $54.99
Current price $54.99

Power cord included.

Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz

Output: 19V, 2.1A 40W

Connector Tip: 5.5mm * 1.7mm

Colour: Black

Compatible Part #'s: DA-40A19, ADP-40PH BB, ADP-40PH BBH, AP.04001.003, AP.04001.001, 25.LW5M2.001, 25.LP20Q.001, 25.LP20Q.002, 25.LH60J.001, 25.LTA01.001, 25.LNY0B.001, 25.LNY0B.002, KP.0400H.003, A13-040N3A, PA-1100-25, 25.LBKNB.002, KP.01003.006, ADP-10HW A, KP.01003.005, KP.0100P.002, KP.0100H.002, KP.0100P.001, KP.0100N.001, KP.01001.001, 25.LX5M7.001, 25.LTA01.1, 25.LNY0B.1, 25.LNY0B.2, KP.0400H.3, 25.LX5M7.1, 25.LW5M2.1, 25.LP20Q.1, 25.LP20Q.2, AP.4001.3, AP.4001.1, A13-040N3

Compatible Models:
Acer G236HL, G246HL, G276HL, H274L, HN274H, P238HL, S201HL, S211HL, S212HL, S230HL, S231HL, S235HL, S240HL, S241HL, S242HL, S243HL, S271HL, S273HL, V225WL, V235WL, V195WL, S220HQL

Gateway FHD2303L, FHX2152L, FHX2153, FHX2402L, FHX2303LABD, FT200HQL.

Acer Aspire E1-410, E1-410G, E1-422, E1-422G, E1-430, E1-430G, E1-430P, E1-430PG, E1-432, E1-432G, E1-432P, E1-432PG, E1-470, E1-470G, E1-470GP, E1-472, E1-472G, E1-472P, E1-472PG, E1-510, E1-510P, E1-522, E1-530, E1-530G, E1-532, E1-532G, E1-532P, E1-532PG, E1-570, E1-570G, E1-571, E1-571G, E1-572, E1-572G, E1-572P, E1-572PG, E3-111, E3-112, E3-112M, E5-411, E5-411G, E5-421, E5-421G, E5-471, E5-471G, E5-471P, E5-471PG, E5-511, E5-511G, E5-511P, E5-521, E5-521G, E5-531, E5-531G, E5-531P, E5-571, E5-571G, E5-571P, E5-571PG, E5-721, ES1-111, ES1-111M, ES1-511, R3-431T, R3-471T, R3-471TG, V3-111, V3-111P, V3-112, V3-112P, V3-472, V3-472G, V3-572, V3-572G, V3-572P, V3-572PG, V5-561, V5-561G, V5-561P, V5-561PG, V5-572, V5-572G, V5-572P, V5-572PG.

Acer TravelMate B115-M, B115-MP, P245-M, P245-MG, P245-MP, P246-M, P246-MG, P255, P255-MG, P255-MP, P255-MPG, P256-M, P256-MG.

Acer Extensa 2509, 2510, 2510G.

Acer Predator 8 GT-810, G1-725.

Acer Iconia Tab One S1003.

Acer Iconia Tab W4-820, W4-820P, B3-A30, G1-715, B3-A10, B3-A20, B1-830, B1-850, B1-750, B1-780, B1-730HD, B1-740, B1-723, B1-730, B1-711, B1-720, B1-A71, B1-710, A3-A30, A3-A40, A3-A20, A3-A20FHD, A3-A10, A3-A11, A1-850, A1-860, A1-840FHD, A1-830, A1-840, A110

Acer Switch SW3-013P, SW3-016, SW3-013

Gateway NE510, NE511, NE522, NE570, NE572, NV510, NV510P, NV570P.

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